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Properties for Vacation Rentals

Rental Houses off of Poteskeet Drive:
Shagnasty, Sun #180, 4 bed/3 bath, no pool, Sunday - 130 Poteskeet, house above DuckAway, Russ Skalyo: Shagnasty
Duckin Around, Shoreline Duck-2, 4 bed/2.1 bath, pool, Saturday - 134 Poteskeet, house below DuckAway, Jon: Duckin Around
Doctors Orders, Twiddy #B378, oceanfront, 5 bed/4 bath, no pool, Sunday - Poteskeet, left of beach access: Doctors Orders
Ocean Waves, Carolina Designs #972, oceanfront, 6 bed/5.2 bath, pool, Saturday - Poteskeet, right of beach access: Ocean Waves
The Salt Shaker, Sun #PKT-40, oceanfront, 4 bed/2 bath, no pool, Sunday - Poteskeet, end of lane: The Salt Shaker
Duck Vue, Sun #PKT-34, oceanfront, 4 bed/4 bath, pool, Friday - Poteskeet, to right of Ocean Waves: Duck Vue
Sea Seekers, Sun #PKT-29, 5 bed/3.1 bath, no pool, Saturday - Poteskeet, 3 or 4 houses from beach: Sea Seekers
Sea Chalet, Resort Realty #3977, 4 bed/2.1 bath, no pool, Saturday - 143 Poteskeet, on circle below/across DuckAway: Sea Chalet
Even Steven, Outer Banks Blue #P001, 4 bed/3 bath, pool, Saturday - 136 Poteskeet, two houses below DuckAway: Even Steven
Another Blessing, Sun #PKT-35, 4 bed/3 bath, pool, Friday - Poteskeet, a bit below/across from DuckAway: Another Blessing
Duck Dynasty, Atlantic Realty #110, 4 bed/2 bath, pool, Saturday - Poteskeet, a bit above/across from DuckAway, Musurkevich: Duck Dynasty
Rental Houses Behind DuckAway on Duck Landing Lane:
Sea Light, Carolina Designs #717, 7 bed/5.1 bath, pool, Sunday - Duck Landing Lane, behind DuckAway/one towards beach: Sea Light
Flying South, Carolina Designs #886, 8 bed/6.2 bath, pool, Saturday - Duck Landing Lane, behind DuckAway: Flying South
Avalon Sunset, Carolina Designs #741, 8 bed/8 bath, pool, Sunday - Duck Landing Lane, behind DuckAway/one away from beach: Avalon Sunset
Rental Houses on Sea Tern Drive:
Eagles Nest, Sun #110, 3 bed/2 bath, no pool, Saturday - 123 Sea Tern, roundhouse next to Sea Notes, Bob Hill: Eagles Nest
Pelican Post, Sun #121-C, 4 bed/3 bath, no pool, Sunday - 121 Sea Tern, two over from Sea Notes, Kean: Pelican Post
Quack Shack, Twiddy #B800, oceanfront, 8 bed/8.2 bath, pool, Sunday - Sea Tern, right of beach access: Quack Shack
Tern Back Time, Carolina Designs #946, semi-oceanfront, 6 bed/6.2 bath, pool, Saturday - Sea Tern, behind Sea Notes: Tern Back Time
Baci Del Sole, Carolina Designs #238, semi-oceanfront, 7 bed/7.1 bath, pool, Sunday - Sea Tern, behind Quack Shack: Baci Del Sole
Palm Breeze, Twiddy #B801, 5 bed/4 bath, pool, Sunday - Sea Tern, midway, currently for sale: Palm Breeze
Other Rental Houses:
Sandman, Sun #315-B, oceanfront, 3 bed/1 bath, no pool, Saturday - Kill Devil Hills: Sandman

Properties for Sale (some may have already been sold)

Soundfront Houses for Sale along Duck Road above Duck:
1330 Duck Road, soundfront, 3 bed/2 bath, 1,284sf, 20,473sf, 1985, $479,900: Find on Google
1348 Duck Road, soundfront lot, 32,000sf, $545,000: Find on Google
1350 Duck Road, soundfront sold, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2,236sf, 23,500sf, 1980, $445,000: Find on Google
1286 Duck Road, soundfront lot, 23,313sf, $279,000: Find on Google
1372 Duck Road, soundfront, 4 bed/3.1 bath, 2,082sf, 1991, $549,000: Find on Google
1378 Duck Road, soundfront, 4 bed/3 bath, 4,078sf, foreclosure, 1984, $524,900: Find on Google
1392 Duck Road, soundfront, 4 bed/3 bath, 2,300sf, 1988, $599,000: Find on Google
1410 Duck Road, soundfront lot, ~25,000sf, $355,000: Find on Google
1412 Duck Road, soundfront directly across Sea Tern Dr., sold, 5 bed/6 bath, 4,303sf, pool, $834,000: Find on Google
1454 Duck Road, soundfront lot not deep, 24,531sf, $299,000: Find on Google
Other Houses for Sale in Duck:
165 Mantoac Court, oceanfront in Poteskeet, 4 bed/4 bath, 2148sf, pool, 32,000sf, $1,359,650: Find on Google
110 Sea Tern Drive, midway on Sea Tern Drive, 5 bed/4 bath, 3,066sf, pool, $624,900: Find on Google
137 Thrush Court, oceanfront in Tuckahoe, 4 bed/2 bath, 1,698sf, 1984, aboveground pool?, $875,000: Find on Google

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